sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2017

Tutorial and pattern pink crochet dress 2

Hello girls who love children crochet yarn. Want to share the second part of the video that completes the tutorial of this beautiful crochet dress for children pink. Easter is coming and we want everyone to come with peace, joy and love. I have some decorations and inspirations for this Easter in pink crochet yarn dress for kids. Look at these interesting spots and create enough. Check out some designs and inspirations with riplle crochet stitches and many others with various graphics. Not very interesting? Learn to do and feel free to share. I hope you enjoy and have fun. Crochet friendly, crochet to share with other friends. In my blog I have two verses crochetmodels. Feel free to browse. The internet is wonderful because we can find what we like, we will learn and help others through sharing. I love crochet and yarn for children and also love action, I hope you do too. Since that part that is good is healthy. Kisses and good weekend. Kisses from the heart. Free crochet drawing I fell in love. What do you think could improve the friend? Kisses.


Crochet Girls I hope you have enjoyed the video 2 of this recipe and pink dress pattern. Below follows the video link 1. I wish everyone a great year with wonderful ideas on children's crochet yarn.


Over the years, mankind has specialized in crochet yarn techniques that involve manual needlework and thread, so that the crochet yarn garments and accessories of simple protections for the day to day over the years. And one of those techniques that had its origin in medieval times was the technique of crochet / knitting, which is one of the forms of threads intertwine with the help of a needle, similar to knitting, however, with the use of a single tip tip of the needle . Nowadays With the use of crochet techniques it is possible to create jobs in various models according to individual tastes, but mostly crochet dresses for girls is what I want to share today with girls. I hope you enjoy it because I was in love with the model and the simple pattern form. Good crochet.